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What Kind of Naughty Users Will You Meet?

What Kind of Naughty Users Will You Meet?

The problem is that many profiles are designed to look real and while a person can tell when the identity is fake, an automated system can’t always tell the difference.

Be Naughty claims 13 million users are using their site and that they’ve been established since the year 2000. While that might be correct, my experience did not suggest that hundreds of women were dying to chat with me.

Higher female-to-male ratio or not, I did not feel a connection with any of the women that reached out to me, probably because they did seem, well, robotic. As in, programmed responses and way too friendly without just cause.

They didn’t sudy care if I was affable or friendly or even surly and sour-faced. They just talked like we were old buddies, probably most keen on getting me to sign up for the premium account.

Whether that meant they were spam robots, or just paid users trying to solicit interest in the site, or even escorts, I don’t know.

I try to stay positive and so I assume these users were all just simultaneously wowed by my one t-shirt photo and baseball cap. But I can safely say, none of these women were interested in going out or chatting for the long-term.

My One BeNaughty Chat

After a few days of surfing through fake-sounding users, I finally found one profile that seemed to be down to earth.

RoxanneZalaya00 – She had two sexy photos and one goofy looking one. Seems kind of real, I thought to myself.

She asked me a few questions about our shared kinks and eventually the interest fizzled out. Not because I told her about my weird foot fetish…and I tried my best not to make it sound weird.

Rather, she seemed to lose interest when I told her I don’t consider myself rich, nor do I tip women for going out on dates with me. I’m not sure if she was a sugar baby or a working girl, but once I told her I work as a manager at Wal-Mart, she remembered she had better things to do.

Review of The Premium BeNaughty

I did pay for the full premium BeNaughty experience, even though I also tried to pick up what interest I could with the free version. While the site did offer one month for $ (which isn’t half bad) and three months for $ per month, I only paid 99 cents for a trial run.

I was able to message members to my heart’s content, but even so, it didn’t change my luck. Despite all the great publicity I’ve read, I just didn’t find this to be a thriving community.

If you want to know how to cancel recurring BeNaughty, just know that the company is not very transparent and will fight their sneakiest to avoid refunding you the money. I wasn’t about to spend $30 on a site that offered no real money-back guarantee. So I told them to keep the 99 cents…

Well, technically I didn’t write customer service, I just told one of the obvious spam girls that she can “keep the change, ya filthy animal” – my own homage to Home Alone .

  • The $0.99 trial is actually a great deal
  • Swinger interactions encouraged
  • Women chat for free, so higher female to male ratio
  • Nonexistent community
  • Despite high member count, not much interaction with women
  • Surprisingly over-priced for very little naughty fun

Review Final Verdict – Is BeNaughty Reliable?

Why BeNaughty is not such a great site, not well established, and definitely not worth it when compared to ones with a more thriving adult community. The fact that the site offers couples matching, and yet doesn’t have a couples search filter, seems sort of self-defeating.

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