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If you have access to sex furniture, this also makes a great addition to the event

If you have access to sex furniture, this also makes a great addition to the event

  • Fluffers: If you’re going to have more than 4 or 5 bangers, it’s a good idea to have a fluffer or two to keep those not actively participating in the sex aroused. You can recruit these on Craigslist or through the fetish/kink boards (my coordinator recruited two dancers from a local strip club). Fluffers should be compensated for their time as well.
  • Towels and other sanitary items: People at a gang bang are going to work up a sweat, so you need to ensure that sufficient towels are available for everyone, as well as other essential sanitary supplies consistent with the nature of the participants and the activities planned for the bang.

If you’re using someone else’s space (including a hotel room), please clean it up before you depart

The Coordinator should have everything set up an hour or so before guests begin arriving, and there should be some provision for recovering and cleaning up after the gang bang is over. Leaving used condoms lying around and cum stains all over the place is just rude and nasty. You might also consider hiring someone to clean up the fuck space once the gang bang is over, depending upon your budget.

If you’re having a small bang and will be using the bed and/or basic furniture that is in a hotel room or the bedroom of a house, then very little space preparation might be required. If you’re having a larger bang, though, you’ll need to ensure appropriate padding, floor coverings, furniture, and other items are in place to support transgender dating the fucking of one person.

This meant I spent most of my time on my knees or haunches, and afterward they were bruised and sore. For my second one, we had several pieces of furniture (a bed, couch, chairs, ottoman, etc.). This allowed me to put myself in several different positions to add some variety.

Disposable plastic sheeting is a good idea to put down on the floor at a minimum. You can also put it under sheets on a bed to help protect mattresses from the deluge of cum. If you’re going to be allowing pee play, you should consider using a small kiddie pool to catch everything.

One thing you absolutely must have is someone to monitor your safety and to ensure the rules are followed as the gang bang progresses. This is especially true if you’re requiring condoms or if there are specific orifices or activities that are expressly off limits. When you’re being fucked by three men, you won’t have any idea whether the guy in your ass has a condom on his cock or not, trust me.

The Monitor also needs to ensure you’re physically doing well, and stopping the action if things appear to be getting out of hand. You should schedule a break for hydration if it’s going to be a long bang; the monitor should keep track of the time and announce breaks as appropriate.

The Monitor should also keep an eye out for physical safety conditions, such as the accumulation of semen and other fluids on the floor that might lead to someone slipping and falling. Imagine how embarrassing it would be to have to go to the emergency room and explain that you’d slipped on cum during a gang bang and busted your head!

In my first one, all we had was some soft padding on the floor and a chair

The Monitor must be a non-participant, though you can elect to switch people out to act as monitors throughout the event. Just be sure you trust anyone you elect to act as a monitor.

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